Corporate Secretary

Merciana Anggani

Corporate Secretary

Corporate Secretary of IBST since December 2012 based on Decision No.SK/HRD/KT-7/XII/2012.

Starting her career at Public Accouting Firm Prasetio, Utomo & Co. (Arthur Andersen) with the last position as Senior Auditor (1997-2000) and as Head of Internal Audit of PT Fatrapolindo Nusa Industri Tbk. (currently, PT Lotte Chemical Titan Tbk.) (2000-2002). Prior to joining IBST, she has worked for more than 10 years as Corporate Secretary at PT Lotte Chemical Titan Tbk. (2002 – 2012) and at PT Lotte Chemical Titan Nusantara (formerly, PT Titan Petrokimia Nusantara) (2009-2012).

She earned her Bachelor degree in Economic majoring in Accounting from Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Perbanas.

She does not have an affiliation with member of the Board of Directors and/or the Board of Commissioners, and the major shareholder of IBST.