IBS is making a mark in the industry

By end of August 2012, IBS was successfully listed as a publicly traded corporation in Indonesia. Today, IBS is one of Indonesia's "big four" publicly traded independent tower companies in the country. IBS infrastructure is strategically located where operators need it most, with all operators in Indonesia as clients. IBS vision is to be the preferred choice for operators in Indonesia to meet their infrastructure needs, which maximizes value for all stakeholders.

IBS is moving forward with focus

IBS was founded in 2006 as an in-building service provider. IBS has rapidly transformed itself into a prominent telecom tower company and operator of shared network infrastructure in Indonesia. It made a major acquisition of towers by the end of 2011 and it divested its in-building solution business to focus on the tower business. With proven expertise, technical prowess and business acumen of our people, it has achieved towering excellence in less than two years.

IBS keeps pace with industry needs

IBS is constantly innovating to offer its clients one-stop solutions. The fast growing economy, rise of data consumption, and roll out of next generation technologies such as 4G LTE, contribute to the increase in the demand for telecom towers both macro and micro sites. New technologies use higher frequencies mean lower ranges, which in turn means there will be a need for two to three times more towers than in traditional networks. With innovative solutions such as BTS Hotels, sharing of active and passive infrastructure, use of fiber optic backhaul, and more micro sites, IBS is keeping up with industry needs.

Offering value through innovation

In line with IBS core value of "innovative and continuous improvement", IBS will soon be launching comprehensive online site planning and management tools to help reduce deployment time, increase security, effective and timely maintenance, amongst other benefits.These innovative tools give meaningful and useful information to our vendors, tenants and our own staff offering huge benefits in terms of time, quality and cost for all stakeholders. Some features are already available while others are still under development.

IBS Peduli

As a legal entity, IBS owns social, economic and environmental responsibility that is carried out through various activities that generate positive impacts on the well-being of surrounding environment, its employees, as well as people in general near the IBS's operational area.