The Company implements a whistleblowing system as part of the Internal Control System to prevent irregularities and fraud and strengthen the implementation of good governance.

Types of Violations that Can Be Reported
All information related to possible violations of Business Ethics and Work Ethics, non-compliance with laws and regulations (incompliance), Company Procedures and Regulations, and indications/incidents of fraud.

Protection System for Whistleblower
The Company will protect whistleblowers the form of:
a. Guaranteeing the whistleblower's identity and the report contents remain confidential
b. Guaranteeing to protect against retaliation by the accused, including protection from pressure, postponement of promotion, dismissal, lawsuits, threats to property, physical actions, and adverse records in their files (personal file record).
c. Reduction of sanctions if the whistleblowers were involved in reported cases.
d. The appointed committee is obliged to monitor and report to the President Director if there is a problem in protecting the whistleblower, witnesses, and the accused.

Whistleblowers can submit a written complaint via e-mail: admin@ ibsbersih.com that should at least contain the following elements: the chronology of the reported incident (mandatory), the place of the incident (mandatory), time (mandatory), the perpetrator (mandatory) and the amount of loss, etc. (optional).